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The manufacturer of nail printers marketed by O2Nails Italia is the Chinese company Guangzhou Taiji Electronic Co. Ltd, a leading company on the world market for several years.

These nail printers have been designed for all Nail Art and Manicure enthusiasts who do not have particular artistic skills or manual drawing skills and to shorten the realization times in professional Nail Art centers as well as to obtain results impossible to obtain with the design manual, printing photos and portraits for example.

The nail printer is an innovative machine for the home and for beauty salons that will revolutionize the world of Nail Art.

Despite the sophisticated technology behind these nail printers, the cost of these machines is still very affordable for everyone.

The cost can vary from 650 to 1.900 euros, and is easily recoverable in a short time if you use this machine to offer a paid service in beauty centers or in private.

o2 nails 3d laser digital nail printer

Let's now talk about the nail printer models available for sale online on our website 

They are professional machines but at the same time also suitable for personal use that have all the tools to create professional and flawless prints on wireless directly from your smartphone or other WiFi devices.

All models feature a state-of-the-art application to connect your Android phone or iPhone in seconds.

The graphic interface and the usability of the App is exceptional and according to the nail artists who used it, it is one of the best nail art apps in existence.

The very high print quality obtained does not change with the different printer models used, they differ only in the material of the machine body which can be plastic or aluminum and in the quantity of prints that can be made with a single cartridge, from 250 to 800 prints.

The more professional and consequently more expensive models have a built-in display and application.

Technical Characteristics

O'2Nails iphone adroid app

Technology: The printing technology combines perfectly with any nail art design. The machines allow to print photos, images, drawings and artistic creations directly on the nail. Image files can be transferred with connection wirelessly from smartphones or other digital devices. These nail printer models have included a smartphone app for iPhone and Android.

How to use: Before printing you need to clean your nails properly. Then you need to apply the Print Gel on the nail and proceed immediately to print. At the end of the printing, dry under the lamp for 60 seconds and finally apply the Top Gel and dry again under the lamp for another 60 seconds.

The advantages: with the App you will immediately have over 800 professional Nail Art designs in the gallery. You can immediately try the printer by selecting one of the designs that you will find in the App for iPhone or Andoird. The designs present in the App are professional artistic creations that are continuously updated and developed by the best nail artists. The unique inkjet printing technology ensures high resolution printing and clear visual impact.

Certified safety: All O2Nails nail printer models have obtained all the necessary safety certifications to be used in Europe, America and all over the world. They have RoHS, CE and FCC certification. In addition to the printers, all the consumables needed to use the machine have their relative certifications. The tests carried out and the certifications obtained guarantee complete safety and protection.




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