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Top designers 

O2NAILS design team is the world's first nail designer team made up of top designers from different places. It focuses on transforming nail art culture into fashion culture and serves global consumers through the O2NAILS APP.

Source of design inspiration

The top-tier design team continues to launch new series based on themes. From design inspiration to material selection, each process has been tested repeatedly. O2Nails and O2Nails Italia adhere to the concept of health and environmental protection and design the trendy nail styles by integrating the latest and most popular colors satisfying the different needs of consumers with diversified styles. Nail art enthusiasts can find their own styles in the Nail Style Shop of the dedicated App and let their fingers show a unique fashion charm. For each style, designers post the creative inspiration and design description on the style page so users can learn about the origin of the idea and the creativity of each style.

The team has professional technologies and creates trendy nail products with current and creative ideas. The professional models show on their nails the most beautiful styles to be printed with the O2Nails nail printer.


Senior brand marketing team

The brand's senior marketing team has 40 members and creates professional O2NAILS fashion styles.

It helps merchants to carry out marketing and promotion activities and to improve the value added services of the nail art industry.


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