Print anything you want with the O'2NAILS printer

O'2NAILS is revolutionizing the Nail Art industry in Italy with its mobile nail printer. It's the solution that beauty salons, fashion brands and everyday consumers have been waiting for. In just 20 seconds you can print a decorative design on your nail and become like a professional manicurist!

All you need is an O'2NAILS Smartphone and Printer

Simply download the O'2NAILS app with over 800 beautiful designs to choose from or upload any image from your phone to print on your nail.

This high-speed, high-definition printing device can help the manicurist reduce drawing time while completely satisfying the clientele.


The options are endless

The O'2NAILS app is intuitive which means that is not only for manicures but for everyone. 

Here are some fun ways to beautify your nails:

  • Give your regular gel manicure a twist with a fun design for the weekend, holiday or special event;
  • Ask event servers or promotional templates to brand your nails with your company logo;
  • Complement it with existing decorative products to provide customers with a complete beauty service to retain existing customers and attract new customers;
  • Offer free digital nail printing at your booth during beauty events, branded or non-branded;
  • Save time and money by skipping hand-painted nails and printing your own nail art at home instead;
  • Fashion retailers and designers can offer employees and models free branded nail printing;
  • And more!

Digital nail printing is easy and the options are endless. Learn more about O'2NAILS now!



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